Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Corned Beef and Cabbage

My husband and I absolutely love corned beef and cabbage! We used to go to a restaurant in the town where we lived that had amazing corned beef and cabbage. This is my interruption of that recipe (I wish I could have theirs too!). Enjoy!

Heather’s Yummy Corned Beef and Cabbage with Potatoes and Carrots

1 packaged corned beef roughly 2.5-3lbs with spice pack (when you pick up the package of beef you should see the spice pack on the bottom)

1 16oz bag of small carrots

6 (or so) Red potatoes cut into quarters

½ head of napa cabbage chopped into pieces

1 ½ tablespoons of peppercorns

½ cup brown sugar

2-3 sprigs of dill (chopped)

1 can of Guinness

½ cup heavy cream (roughly 2 tablespoons reserved)

Place the corned beef and spice pack in a dutch oven. Cover with water just until corned beef is covered. Follow directions on the package for the corned beef. That being said, after an hour of cooking, add the brown sugar, peppercorns (whole) and Guinness.

Meanwhile, put chopped cabbage in a sauté pan with butter, olive oil and salt and pepper. Keep on medium heat until cabbage softens.

Towards the last 30 mins of cooking time add in the potatoes and in the last 15 minutes of cooking time add in the carrots.

Take the potatoes and carrots out of the dutch oven and put them in a bowl. Add the chopped dill and pour the cream over the potatoes and carrots, just enough to coat them. Mix together and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Remove the corned beef from the dutch oven and place on a cutting board and slice pieces to about a ¼ of an inch in thickness.

To serve, arrange corned beef, cabbage and potatoes and carrots on a plate. Spread a few dollops of the creamy mustard sauce on the corned beef and serve!

Creamy Mustard Sauce

4 tablespoons creamy Dijon mustard with white wine

2 tablespoons whole grain mustard

2 tablespoons heavy cream

In a small bowl, add the 2 mustards and mix well. Slowly pour in the cream. Only add enough cream so that the consistency is creamy but not soupy.

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  1. This looks like a delicious meal and goes to show its something that can be enjoyed long after St. Patty's Day!